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I have known Mr Westcott as my consultant since August 2004.

At private consultations, I find him to be extremely professional and thorough at all times but also highly personable and approachable.

The most recent surgery that Mr Westcott administered was for the removal of a cataract in February. I found him to be very reassuring at both his pre-care and after-care consultations. He always listens very carefully to any concerns that I may have and I find his instructions simple and easy to follow.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else should they ever need any professional eye care.

-Mr. S. R.

After thoroughly doing my test
I knew that Mark Westcott was best.
Knowing how I’d react to my Cataract
He laid all my worries to rest

After he’d done both my eyes
It was such an amazing surprise
By using the drops
My eyesight was tops
I’d got back my sight - a great prize!

-Mr. J.

I thought the whole experience was brilliant, and that Mr Westcott has got the most incredible team – from you and your colleagues in the office to the wonderful anaesthetist and nurses at the London Clinic.

-Mr J.

I’ve worn specs for short-sight since I was fourteen, and needed reading glasses when I reached my sixties. I started to develop cataracts, which got progressively worse – couldn’t see street names easily, squinted at bus numbers, couldn’t read car number plates, had to get close to labels at exhibitions, couldn’t see actors’ faces clearly at the theatre ....... and my optometrist said it was time to have the cataracts removed; he suggested seeing a consultant who was using the most advanced methods, which was why I chose Mark Westcott. After discussing the different options and having had thorough eye tests, I decided to go for the Lentis lens. The operation was painless and everyone involved was encouraging and efficient. The next day, I removed the dressing and the cover, as instructed, looked out of the window and saw a beautiful bright pink rose, and then realised that everything was sharply delineated and in glorious ‘technicolour’ – and this was just with one “new” eye. A few weeks later, the second eye was done. I no longer wear specs, and, with a good light, can even manage without reading glasses for the computer, reading small print or threading a needle. It feels like a miracle – a miracle made possible by superb skill and advanced technology.

-Mrs. R

Westcott's specialties include small-incision cataract surgery, treatment of glaucoma and retinal disorders, especially inflammatory diseases of the eye. Based at The London Clinic and Moorfields, he has a particular interest in the early detection of glaucoma. When not looking at eyes, this amateur astronomer likes gazing into space.

-Tatler magazine "Britain's 250 Best Private Doctors"

I have recently had cataracts removed from both eyes by Mr Westcott, and I can honestly say that I had no pain at all – at any time. I was extremely anxious about it, but as soon as I arrived at the hospital I felt I was in safe and experienced hands. I had femtosecond laser treatment, which Mr Westcott performed, and although the thought was a bit scary, the reality was completely alright. He talked to me during the procedure, and all I saw was some green and red flashing lights. It was over very quickly. For the operations I had a mild sedative which worked brilliantly, and although I could hear Mr Westcott and his team talking during the operation, I felt quite detached. That too was over very quickly, then it was into the recovery area and back to my room with a patch over my eye. I was able to leave hospital about an hour later, feeling no pain, and with a big bag of drops and very clear instructions. The nursing staff were highly competent, friendly and confidence-inducing. The next day, when I took the patch off, my vision was a bit blurry, but on the third day it was clear and in sharp focus. I can now see so much better than I have for years. I would highly recommend Mr Westcott and his team.

-Lady J

The cataract operation was a wonderful success and once again I would like to say how much I appreciate your skill.The laser was also a brilliant success and exactly as illustrated in your brochure so I knew just what to expect.

-Mrs D

I was referred by my optometrist to Mr Westcott with suspected glaucoma last April. The diagnosis was a shock but I was instantly reassured by Mr Westcott and a treatment plan was discussed and put into place. This culminated in surgery on each eye to remove cataracts and insert a stent to assist with eye pressure and alleviate the symptoms of glaucoma. On each occasion, the procedure and recovery went smoothly with no evidence of surgery when I removed the eye patch the following morning. As someone with extreme short-sightedness in both eyes, I now have restored vision without the need for contact lenses. I can not recommend Mr Westcott highly enough, having every confidence in his diagnostic and surgical skills and appreciating his professional and calm consultation style. The team working with him in his practice and in theatre also deserve recognition for a great job. Thank you for the life-changing results you have achieved for me!

-Mrs C

Just an hour or two after I had removed the patch over my right eye on the morning after the (pain-free) operation my phone rang: Hello, this is Mr. Westcott's PA. How are you? Is everything all right? Is there anything you would like me to say to Mr. Westcott?

"Yes. Tell him I want him to do my other eye just as soon as he can."

Five weeks later I am still marvelling at seeing the world in its true colours through one eye, and impatient for the other eye to be brought into line. Only two more weeks.....

-Mr W

When I looked out of the window this morning I could see the branches blowing in the wind. Until my cataracts were cleared I would have had to insert my lenses or specs before I could see anything beyond two feet in front of me. What a fantastic change.

-Mr I

Mark has recently carried out cataract surgery on both of my eyes. He was reassuring and very informative in advance of the process.  The surgery was very successful and my vision is now really clear.  I would highly recommend Mark and his team for this procedure.

-Mrs O

I remain exceptionally pleased with the results of my surgery, and extremely grateful for Mr Westcott’s skills.

-Mr S

Just to let you know how thrilled I am with my right eye operation.  The procedure is amazing and everyone at the London Clinic couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful.

-Miss G

Dear Mark,
Just a brief note of thanks for the excision of the cataract of my right eye. The whole procedure was most impressive and the efficiency of the staff of a very high order. One is always nervous on such occasions but the air of calm and the feeling that I was in the hands of experts most reassuring. My thanks to you personally for a most successful and brilliant procedure.
No need to write back but I just wanted you to know how much your skilful treatment was appreciated.

-Mr H

PS please pass on to Mark my gratitude for the vision in my right eye. It is so easy to take for granted these little miracles. That with a skilled hand and a few zaps with a laser, the world in all it's beautiful richness has become that bit clearer. 

-Mr G

Just to let you know that all is well. I have amazing vision in my right eye and I am happy that the world is so much lighter. If I close my new eye I can see a huge difference in the quality of light caused by the cataract in the other eye. Really a wonderful operation. Obviously my right eye is still sore but only mildly so and I have started the drops. Please tell Mark how happy I am.

-Miss F.

I recently had a successful cataract operation on my right eye performed by Mr. Mark Westcott at the Moorfields Eye Hospital. The operation under a local anaesthetic went smoothly, lasted less than half an hour and was quite painless. I was very impressed with the efficiency and thoughtfulness of Mr. Mark Westcott, and his secretary, before, during and after my operation.

-Mr. R.

With many thanks for improving the quality of my life!

-Mr. W.

I have recently had cataract surgery on both eyes, performed by Mark Westcott. The surgery to the first eye was carried out solely by him and I am very happy with the result. The second involved the use of femtosecond laser to make the incision, followed by implantation of the lens by Mr. Westcott.

There were, therefore, two procedures which went very smoothly. The laser procedure was straightforward, bit of bright light but nothing more dramatic. MW examined the eye afterwards and was pleased to see the lens centred impeccably within the eye, which augurs well for my vision. I have now discarded the spectacles I have been wearing all my life.

-Mr. P.

I thought that having a cataract operation would be, at the very least, uncomfortable and the first few days afterwards probably painful. This was far from the case. From my initial visit to Harley Street to my follow up appointment after the operation, all went well. In honesty, I imagined that having a local anaesthetic, while Mr. Westcott worked on my eye, would be an experience I would want to forget. However, I can only say that I went quite happily to have the procedure on my second eye carried out with no trepidation, having complete confidence in Mr Westcott and his staff. The worst part of the experience was remembering to put the daily drops in at the right time!

-Ms. H.

When I was told that I needed cataract surgery I was filled with trepidation. From the outset I was put at ease, my questions answered and I was kept fully informed as to the entire process. Most importantly both operations were a great success due to Mr. Westcott’s undoubted skill and his excellent team. The aftercare has been equally superb. I whole heartedly recommend Mr Westcott.

-Mr. T.

Recently a cataract developed in my right eye. For many years this eye had not been strong, very short-sighted with an astigmatism that was moderate to severe. In short very poor vision.

When the cataract operation was discussed, Mr Westcott suggested that during cataract surgery the astigmatism could be corrected using a special astigmatic lens implant– a toric lens. He recommended using Femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery. He explained that laser would create a very precise perfectly circular opening, accurately centred within the eye. This would greatly assist the implant of the toric lens.

I must say I was a little nervous about the procedures. I thought about it for some time, but somehow felt reassured and confident that Mr. Westcott had given me the best advice. In the event the result proved successful beyond my wildest expectations.

The laser procedure was amazingly quick. Not at all frightening. I chose to have slight sedation for the actual operation, being rather terrified of all things medical. The operation went very smoothly. And I went home with a patch over my eye,
and many eye drops.

When I took the patch off next morning, as instructed, I was stunned. I could see perfectly with my right eye for the first time in years. It has been a really terrific outcome. Much much better than I could have imagined.

-Mrs. B

I appreciate every day my improved eyesight. Many thanks again.

-Mr I

When I was told I needed a cataract operation in both eyes, I couldn’t anticipate the result. I had a pretty good idea of what was involved but because I had astigmatism in both eyes, I wasn’t too sure how that would end up.

The results were pretty amazing! Not only did I get the ‘usual’ improved colour acuity but the sharpness of my vision was better than when I wore glasses!

When my left eye was done, I just couldn’t believe how sharp things were and in brand new colour! It was amazing and remains so! A 4K eye ball! My right eye was a bit more of a challenge as my astigmatism was stronger but the result was a great improvement.

I remain most impressed with Mark Westcott together with his very efficient, professional and friendly team. Mark took the time to talk to me and to explain in detail the procedures. To be clear, I have scientific training and Mark discussed the procedure and outcome in a very pragmatic and friendly manner. What a breath of fresh air!

I had been wearing glasses for over 50 years and now I can now do without them entirely for everyday life and computer work. I will need to have glasses for reading books but not so much for reading on my iPhone and iPad where the lighting is just so different. All in all I am delighted with the outcome of the surgery.

-Mr H

Like many, if not most patients facing a cataract operation, the thought of an invasive procedure into one’s eyes is daunting. In the event, the entire procedure was painless with a positive and immediate result. Next morning, when I removed the eye patch, I could see everything at a distance in perfect focus.
I cannot speak highly enough of Mr Westcott’s care and attention from the first consultation to before and after the procedure. I never once doubted that I was in the hands of a master of his profession.

-Mr Z

Our 86 year old Mother had spent many years arguing with her optician regarding the need to have her cataracts addressed. She was scared by the thought. Mark and his team could not have been more supportive. Due to the delay it was somewhat more complicated and Mark undertook sequential extra capsular cataract surgery. Mum can now see objects and colours she had long forgotten about and her quality of life is markedly improved as a result. She only needs glasses for reading which is a better position than her 4 boys! Mark is incredibly skilful, has a wonderful manner and he recruits in this image with his support team of Sandrine and Anabela showing the same level of empathy with all patients. My Mum, brothers and I fully recommend Mark and his team to all especially those of nervous disposition!

-Mr W

Not only did Mark successfully remove cataracts in both my eyes, he left me with 20/20 vision! My sight is now so sharp I was able to spot a camouflaged mouse from some six feet away with the naked eye! This was an unexpected bonus following the two flawless and pain-free surgeries Mark performed! I highly recommend Mark to anyone with ophthalmic issues – especially nature lovers!

-Ms B

I can highly recommend Mr Westcott who performed cataract surgery on both my eyes
He instilled complete confidence in me from the very first consultation
I very much appreciated his clear communication , his professionalism and his vast experience in this domain
These procedures have changed and improved my life so much
It has been one of the best decisions I have made.

-Miss B

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mark and all the team for the efficient and successful surgery and the kindness with which I was treated. I’m very happy with the results of my treatment. Thank you to everyone, particularly Mark.

-Mrs L

The whole experience with Mr Westcott and your practice was very reassuring and I reiterate that the outcome for me has been fantastic.  Thank you so much for everything you did for me. 
Despite eye surgery being fairly routine, it seems pretty stressful for most patients and I so appreciated my excellent care.

-Mrs C

Please could you pass on my sincere thanks to Mr Westcott for all his expertise and good care.

I am very grateful for the excellent treatment I have received.

-Mrs H